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graphic design

graphic design
No Borders, No Limits (2005)
This is the written portion of my Bachelor of Fine Arts thesis project at the University of Idaho. The topic is webcomics—specifically, the design technique known as the "infinite canvas."

Winner of an "Outstanding Student Thesis Award" for UI's Department of Art and Design.

This Week With Lewis and Clark (2004–2005)
Since March of 2004, I have been writing a column in the Moneysaver on the Corps of Discovery's expedition into the Louisiana Territory. Each column details what happened 200 years ago this week.
read this week's installment (offsite link)

Memories of a Signpainter (2003)
My paternal grandfather, Bob Shedd, was one of my greatest artistic influences. A few months after his death, I wrote this essay reflecting on my relationship with him over the years.

I presented this paper at the 2004 national conference of Sigma Tau Delta, the National English Honor Society.

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