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The first Lisa's World ever published. It was drawn in ballpoint pen, on 8.5x11 typing paper, and took me a couple of hours to draw. It was a while before I could refine Lisa's design (and the style of the comic in general) to the point where I could whip off a drawing in a matter of seconds.

Like many of the Lisa strips, this one was based on something that really happened to me. A few days into first semester, I discovered that the padlock for my locker was broken. Before I had a chance to request a new lock, it disappeared. Fortunately, the only things I kept in my locker were my textbooks, which weren't really attractive to thieves.

Another true story. I'm sure everyone's had this happen to them at some point. I had to white-out and redraw Lisa's face several times to get that expression in the final panel. I'm still not entirely happy with it, but there you are.

Even this early on, I was experimenting with different strip layouts. Unfortunately, this strip ended up getting squashed into a space intended for a horizontal image when it was published in the paper. (Lisa's World was usually squeezed into whatever space was available in the Argonaut when all the articles were done, and was frequently stretched or squished as a result. Usually, it wasn't very noticeable, but in this case...yikes!)

This strip is pretty self-explanatory. The only thing I have to say is that, despite being an awkwardly-drawn cartoon character, Lisa still looks better in a swimsuit than I do.

I was finally starting to get the hang of drawing Lisa by this point. I could draw her quickly and easily and then spend time on other parts of the scene, like the tiny tangled-up Christmas lights in the last panel. There's no excuse for the scribble-tree in the first three panels, though. That was just me being lazy.

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