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Lewiston has never been a particularly pedestrian-friendly city. One intersection right next to the high school was notorious for reckless driving; there were no actual accidents, as far as I know, but there were a lot of close calls. I still tend to break into a run whenever I cross a busy intersection.

I'm not sure that the subject matter of this strip justified the fancy layout and camera angles I used--the standard 4-panel layout would have worked just fine. Still, it looks alright, don'cha think?

Scott Funk was (and, as far as I know, still is) a history teacher at LHS with a rather odd sense of humor. Early in fall semester I started writing down all the weird and funny things he said, in the hopes of finding inspiration for a cartoon. Eventually, I had enough to compile a "best of" list for this strip.

For the record, the blurred-out type in the lower left corner is the address for the original (now-defunct) Lisa's World website.

I first used this joke in a rough sketch I did several summers ago. I still think it's funny. On the other hand, I wish I'd gone with the sign in the first strip, which said "DO NOT WALK ON CEILING (Under Penalty of Law)".

Remember when we were actually looking forward to new Star Wars movies? I miss that.

Oh well. If nothing else, Amidala's costume was fun to draw.

Just my way of dealing with last-year stress. Of course, after 4 years of college and several design commissions, my workload as a high school senior seems laughably small.

This strip was never published. Apparently the Journalism teacher discovered my old Internet rant, eighteen months after the fact, and decided that I had displayed conduct unbecoming a newspaper staffer. I wisely decided not to press the issue, and thus Lisa's World came to an anticlimactic end. I've been told several times that I should start it up again--this time with Lisa in college--but I don't feel that the character really reflects me or my life anymore. Perhaps I'll start another real-life inspired "gag-a-day" strip someday, but it won't be Lisa's World.

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