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My Music

Recently, my dad acquired a copy of GarageBand, Apple's amateur music composition program. Being a little (very little) bit musically inclined, I thought I'd try it out. Within fifteen minutes, I was hooked, and I've been making music with it ever since--whenever my dad will let me use his laptop, that is.

Since I am not in any way a professional musician, all of my compositions are available free of charge in MP3 format. However, please do not redistribute or alter these songs without my permission.


  • Mix Tape (3:21, 3.9MB)
    Original composer: Jim Infantino of Jim's Big Ego

    A while back, Jim's Big Ego had a contest to remix this song. The bad news is, the contest was over and done with by the time I discovered it; the good news is, the base tracks were still available, so I decided to make a remix anyway.
    Note: In accordance with the rules of the contest, this piece is licensed as Attribution - Noncommercial - Share Alike by the Creative Commons. Click here for full details.

  • Sorrow (ZD Mix) (3:55, 4.4MB)
    Original composer: Jay Bernardo

    An upbeat remix of a piece of music from Zep's Dreamland, a freeware game by Jay Bernardo. Thanks to Jay for providing the necessary files and giving me permission to play with his work.
Click on the girls to visit the official Angel Moxie site!

Angel Moxie: the Album

Angel Moxie is a thrice-weekly webcomic which simultaneously honors and parodies the "magical girl" genre made popular by Sailor Moon and Cardcaptor Sakura. It stars three preteen girls who have been given special powers so that they can save the world from an invading army of demons. It's one of my favorite webcomics, and served as the inspiration for this "soundtrack." (Hey, if Kim Justice can build an album around MegaTokyo, why can't I?)

Disclaimer: Angel Moxie is property of Dan Hess and Venis Productions. No copyright infringement is intended; this is all just for fun.
  • Magic, Monsters, and Junior High (1:13, 1.2MB)
    If Angel Moxie were a TV series, this would run under the opening credits. This was one of the first things I made in GarageBand, and I'm still pretty proud of it.

  • Okashi City Junior High (1:58, 2.2MB)
    Middle school is a haven of relative sanity for Alex, Riley, and Tristan. Except for when their teachers turn out to be demons, angels, robots, or secret agents.

  • Riley's Basement (1:08, 1.1MB)
    Riley has turned her parents' basement into her own private laboratory. And every science lab deserves some good mad scientist music.

  • Mister Kyokasho (1:48, 2.0MB)
    A goofy theme song for a goofy guy.

  • Transformation (0:32, 511K)
    What's a magical girl series without a fancy transformation sequence?

  • Goodbye, Grant (1:00, 940K)
    A short, sad piece to accompany the final goodbyes of Grant Kyokasho. I was working toward a more traditional soundtrack-y quality with this piece.

  • Scholar of Earth (0:51, 1002K)
    Inspired by strip #418. Looks like Alex isn't the only one with magic on her side.

  • Warrior of Fire (0:58, 1.1MB)
    And now Tristan has a bit of magic as well...

  • Angel Moxie, club mix (3:32, 4.1MB)
    This started out as an early draft of the opening theme, which I then reworked into a techno-pop remix version. Lots and lots of prefab Apple Loops in this one.
More songs will be made available as I complete them.


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